How to get to Toledo from Madrid


One of the best day trips from Madrid is undoubtedly Toledo. This jewel of Spanish historical heritage keeps, among its walls, the famous Alcazar, the cathedral of Santa Maria (13th century), the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes (whose construction was ordered by Queen Isabel La Católica), the house from El Greco, the Jewish quarter or the popular Zocodover square, among other prominent monuments.

I visit both Madrid -where my uncles and cousins ‚Äč‚Äčlive- and Toledo -place of my mother's birth and part of family history- with some frequency and, having no car, I always have to look for life with public transport.

On the last occasion, this same year when I accompanied my Argentine friends from Mendoza (that would be pledged of what became imperial capital), I tried the bus option and I tell you how it went.

The options are mainly two:

By train

There are daily services (AVANT) that connect Madrid's Atocha station with the Toledo train station, located on Paseo de la Rosa. It is the most comfortable and fastest option since the journey takes only 33 minutes.

The Schedule Departure from Madrid are: 6.50, 7.50, 8.50, 9.20, 11.20, 12.20, 13.50, 14.50, 15.50, 16.50, 17.50, 18.50, 19.50 and 21.50.

To return from Toledo: 6.25, 6.50, 7.25, 7.55, 9.25, 10.25, 12.25, 13.25, 15.25, 16.18, 17.25, 19.20, 20.25 and 21.30.

If you buy the round trip ticket on price Total is 20.30 Euros (December 2014). If you only purchase one route it will be 12.70 euros.

Toledo Cathedral

By bus

The ALSA bus company makes the journey between the Elliptical Square Exchanger in Madrid (served by lines 11 and 6 of the Metro) and the Toledo bus station, located on Avenida de Castila-La Mancha and close to the historic center .

The Schedule They are as follows:

- Monday to Friday:

From Toledo to Madrid: first at 5.15 and then, between 6 and 22.30, every 30 minutes.

From Madrid to Toledo: from 6 to 24 every 30 minutes, except 22.30 and 23.30.

- Saturdays:

From Toledo to Madrid: from 6.30 to 22.30 every 30 minutes.

From Madrid to Toledo: same as Monday through Friday but there is no 6 am service.

- Sundays and holidays:

From Toledo to Madrid: from 8 to 23.30 every 30 minutes.

From Madrid to Toledo: from 8 to 24 every 30 minutes.

He price The ticket is around 5.50 Euros (one way) and it takes 50 minutes for direct service and 1 hour and 25 minutes for stopping in other towns along the way.

The truth is that with a price that is around half the price of the train and more frequent service, I forgive the one that takes 20 more minutes and I keep the option of the bus.

Choose the one you choose, you should not miss the jewel that is Toledo.