4 types of hostels you will find on your trips


Hand washing in our hostel in Maputo

During my wandering around the five continents with my backpack, my favorite places to spend the night have been hostels.

Previously I published an article where I told you what kind of characters you can find in those temples of world backpacking. Now I am going to talk about the kinds of hostels that I have been finding in my way.

1. Temples of good rolling and party

There are hostels where, just after crossing the threshold of the reception door, you hear a laugh in Dolby Surround, a prelude to the appearance of an uncle / receptionist / owner / colleague-of-all / very-cool that will ask you some things about you to quickly move on to the part of everything that temple of good rolling It has to offer you.

In addition, you will have arrived just in time for the party, barbecue, bottle, pajama party, poker night or acoustic concert of the classic traveler who has been in the hostel for months without knowing where to leave.

All the tenants of that place seem to have been born in the Kingdom of Cotton Clouds and their smiles will illuminate each of the mornings, afternoons and nights you spend with them. They will want to help you with everything, tell you their travel stories and they will weave a spider web so you don't leave their kingdom.

These types of hostels are usually included in the list of the most famous of the place in the Lonely Planet guides and many of its users will be Anglo-Saxon.

If you take weeks or months of loneliness or asceticism and you want to get a good farra and socialize with other travelers, it may be your place but I advise you to avoid them if you want to mix with the people of the place.

2. Shabby

The laughs at the hostel are fundamental

Who says you can't sleep in Bangkok for less than 2 euros per person?. I confirm it with the war cry that has become fashionable in Spain: YES YOU CAN.

A room where a closing monk would feel claustrophobic is the solution. Spartan lounge chair, shared bathroom, ceiling fan (whether it works or not is another story), chipped walls and optional small window. If the window exists, it will give an interior patio and / or have a metal screen that will barely let the warm air pass.

Although the price is for a single tenant, the most normal is that they get many more without paying. Cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes and other friendly insects will refuse to pay you their share no matter how kindly you ask. They will respect you if you do. It is a silent covenant that has been maintained for millennia.

If the variant of shabby hostel It is one of bedrooms with bunk beds and shared common area, try to avoid using kitchen utensils. Anything you want to cook in one of those pans will become part of a sedimentary layer from which you could extract the DNA of a dinosaur and mount a real Jurassic Park.

Ideal for cities or places where you have a thousand things to do and you will not spend a minute more than necessary in the room.

3. Handsome hostels on the beach

Accommodation in Tayrona in Colombia